Women’s Bible Study Testimony

By Kim King

I began attending Women’s Bible Study at New Life Dresher (NLD) in the fall of 2006 just as NLD was moving into the building we now call home. We were not attending NLD, but had visited once and filled out a visitors’ card, checking off the box for Women’s Bible Study. To my surprise, a few days later I received a call from the pastor’s wife! Sue and I talked about my family, the church, and Women’s Bible Study (WBS). I was excited to have a place to go where I could soak in the richness of God’s word while knowing my children were being loved and nurtured in their faith as well; but I had no idea how God would use WBS in my life.

I was blown away by the teaching from women in the church who diligently studied their passages, prayerfully considered how God could use the text in our lives now, and showed genuine vulnerability with real-life examples of struggles and the Lord’s work in their lives. Every year I am amazed at the quality teaching, especially as we study books like Kings, Corinthians and this year Daniel. The small-group time has also proved to be a great blessing to me. As a young mother and wife, I was able to sit under the wisdom of seasoned women of faith who had survived the struggles and challenges that I was facing. They offered encouragement, practical advice, prayer, and helped me to see how to apply the gospel in my life. Now, 9 years later, I am the seasoned wife and mother able to share what I have learned and how God has been faithful in my life. However, I am amazed by the young women in my group who are filled with the Holy Spirit and are wise beyond their years. I have learned a great deal from them and am encouraged by their faith.

WBS has been a lifeline for me. I have studied God’s word in a way that offers real-life application as well as insights into our redemptive history as Christians, and I have made dear friends from all stages of life who have cared for me and have faithfully lifted me up in prayer. I have also had the opportunity to invest in other women in these same ways. I am very blessed to be part of WBS at NLD.