2020-21 Women’s Retreat

May 14 & 15

The 2021 Women’s Retreat will take place at New Life Dresher on May 14 from 7-9 pm and May 15 from 9:30 am-5 pm.  We will hear from Linda Ruth Paskell, Fae Hicks, Beth Ann Olesen, Anna Morrow and Liz Ahn. You can participate virtually or in person.

Register here.  In-person space is limited so please register soon.

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Our theme for the women’s retreat this year is “Songs of Solace and Sorrow: Life Stories Told through the Psalms.” In Psalm 42, the writer shares “my tears have been my food day and night” and “my soul is cast down within me.” These are statements we could probably all relate to this last year as we’ve faced this pandemic as well as all the injustices and disappointments that have come along and have been brought to light. Often we can hold back our emotions from God, worrying about expressing our disappointments and sorrow to him for many reasons. However, Jesus at his darkest hour cried out to God and in the psalms, many writers are so real with God about how they are feeling. They cry out and lament and work through their emotions with God and eventually seem to find peace in His presence.  At the women’s retreat this year, we will hear from women sharing their stories through the lens  of a psalm of how they’ve seen God work in their lives.  We hope that this brings you freedom to cry out to the God of all comfort and connection and peace as you relate to stories you hear. 


2020-21 Women’s Bible Study

NLD Women’s Bible Study exists to help women at New Life Dresher and in the greater community to know Jesus and to make Him known through the study of God’s word.

“Who is Jesus of Nazareth? What is the good news about him? This book presents us with Mark’s answer. It is full of important information which will help us to understand what Jesus said and did, what his life was really like, and who he claimed to be. It is the earliest reliable record we have about him. For that reason, understanding Mark’s Gospel is a major step in coming to know, understand and believe in Jesus himself.”
-Sinclair B. Ferguson, Let’s Study Mark

Women’s Bible Study is a great place to get to know other women deeply as we study God’s Word together. We have a beautiful workbook to accompany us each week that includes study questions and other helpful elements to enrich our study.  A large-group teaching time, taught by a rotation of NLD women, will be followed by small-group discussion. We offer the same content at two different times: Tuesday evenings from 7 pm-8:30 pm and Wednesday mornings from 9:30 am-11 am. We will also have a virtual-only option. Childcare will not be provided this year due to COVID-19.

2020-21 WBS Livestream
Click here to watch our livestream on YouTube. We will stream starting at 7:15 pm on Tuesday evenings, following the schedule linked in the section below.

2020-21 WBS Recordings
Listen to or download recordings of all of our WBS talks here (or via our podcast here).

2020-21 WBS Schedule
Click here for the in-person schedule.
Click here for the virtual schedule

2020-21 WBS Study Questions
Click here to download a PDF version of our booklet on Mark containing the study questions for each week.

2020-21 WBS Registration
Please email Annie Notary at annie.notary@newlifedresher.org about registering.

WBS Booklets
Erin Amann designed a really wonderful study guide/workbook to go along with our study of the Gospel of Mark for women’s bible study this year. This spiral-bound edition includes the Biblical text, study questions, places for prayer requests and notes. And lucky for you we have a few extra! You can follow along with us online (you can listen to the talks online for free) or go at your own pace and use it as a personal devotional. Either way this is a really nice book. The cost is $20. We have a limited number available and pick-up is at my house (very close to the church). I will also have some available for pick up before the services this Sunday. If you’d like to purchase a copy, please fill out the form HERE. You do not need to use this form to purchase a book if you have already registered for WBS. You will already receive a copy of the Mark study guide with your registration fee.  You can view a photo and video of the booklet on the right.

Please join us!
Annie Notary
Women’s Ministry Coordinator