Wednesday Morning Bible Study

This informal Bible study meets each Wednesday morning from 6-7:30 am at the church to study Scripture, to apply it to our lives, to encourage one another, and to pray for one another. Contact Don Joos for further information.

Men’s Fall Retreat

The men’s retreat is planned by a committee of men each year to provide an opportunity to grow in community and to grow in faith. It is held away from home in the late fall from a Friday night through Sunday morning worship. Relevant topics for men are planned each year and the teaching is supplemented by small groups which discuss the teaching and pray for each other.  In addition, a large variety of activities are planned for free time on Saturday afternoons.  It’s a great opportunity for men who are new to New Life to get to know others. The 2019 New Life Men’s Retreat took place from November 8-10 at America’s Keswick Retreat Center in Whiting, NJ. The theme for the retreat was “In the Same Boat” and the speaker was Jeff McMullen.

Lifeline for Men

This men’s group seeks to provide community, fellowship and discipleship for men who seek to walk with sexual integrity in a world full of sexual invitations and temptations. We recognize that we need others to walk with as we pursue Jesus, who is the true satisfaction for every unfaithful temptation. Call 215-919-2015 for more information.

Men’s Groups

Throughout the church are a number of small groups of 3-5 men who meet weekly or bi-weekly for Bible study, prayer, and sharing their lives with one another. Many of these groups meet in the early morning. They are formed informally through word of mouth. If you are looking for a group, please contact a staff member at the church.

Call the church office for more info