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Sunday’s Schedule

Sunday, May 22, 2022
8:30 a.m.First service, nursery, & children’s church
9:50 a.m.Sunday School
11:00 a.m.Second service, nursery, & children’s church
2:00 p.m.Jr High Farewell
6:00 p.m.Kids Club Picnic


Order of Worship

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Prelude: Steadfast

Call to Worship: Psalm 40:1-3a & Psalm 18:2-3

Everlasting God
All Creatures of Our God & King

Prayer of Confession

Jesus Strong & Kind

Assurance of Pardon: Psalm 103:11-12

(Children dismissed)

Mighty To Save

Missions Moment:  Eric and Karen Brauer

Congregational Prayer

Sermon: Far From Home, Far From Peace, Psalm 120
Clint Estes, Preaching

General Offering

On Jordan’s Stormy Banks



Sermon Outline

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Far From Home, Far From Peace

Text: Psalm 120

Preacher: Clint Estes

1. Sojourners Face Distress
2. Deliverance Comes From the Lord
3. God Sustains the Distressed Sojourner with Promises
4. Christ the Sojourner, Christ the Warrior


Prayer Focus

Eric and Karen

  • Continue to pray for my coaching relationship with Dominic & Debbie (German pastoral couple) as they pursue a new joint ministry doing Sonship mentoring with other German pastoral couples. In September they’ll begin this new role part-time. Ask God to guide and assure them in his love as they work through the logistics of this change in role.
  • Pray for the training we’re currently doing with three New City Wien couples (Ryan & Joelle, Mike & Jacqueline, and JD & Thea) as they do Sonship mentoring, each with another couple. Pray for God’s work in their hearts and through them in the lives of those they mentor. May we be honest and humbly transparent about our own ongoing need of God’s grace.
  • Pray for Karen & me, for a negative PCR test so we can fly to Spain for two Serge events: our Leadership Training week (21-27May) and Company Conference (28May-4June). It’s the 1st time we’ll be together in 6 years. These events were postponed the last two years due to covid restrictions. Pray for safe travel and a healthy two weeks for all our workers – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Ask the Lord to bless our fellowship and joy together.


School of Discipleship Information

Sunday, May 15, 2022

  • All children’s classes check in at the Registration Desk in the Children’s Wing.

  • Jr. High is upstairs in Room 307.

  • Sr. High Sunday School is downstairs in Room 102.

  • Young Adults are in Room 303 on the top floor.

  • Welcome to New Life class is in Room 302 on the top floor.

  • There are 2 adult classes: “The Tech-wise Family” is in the auditorium and the Parenting Class is in Room 306.




Resurrection Offering to date: $59,555