‘Tis the Season for Blood

By Jane Highley

No, I’m not talking about vampires today, even though many of them have been spotted going door-to-door for treats this past weekend. I’m referring to the fall blood drive this Friday, November 6, at our church. I am signed up and eager to give. Here are 2 reasons why I am giving:

  1. Back in college, which is when I first started giving blood, I was told that I have the second most rare blood type, which is AB+. (The most rare is AB-). That was enough to instill in me a heavy sense of responsibility. With that knowledge, how could I not give? And when the blood drive comes to a place I call my second home – my church – what other excuse do I have not to give? So I give blood at least twice a year because there are not enough of AB+ people to satisfy the demand (especially of my blood type’s plasma). However, blood is always in short supply. All types should give, especially O types. According to the Red Cross website, someone is in need of blood every two seconds. So that means now. And…now! And…NOW! So, go and sign up. Now!
  2. Another reason why I give blood at New Life Dresher is because of the food. You may not think of “food” when you think about donating blood, but that’s where my mind goes. Did you know that our church hires a caterer to serve refreshments? If you’ve never eaten at the blood drive, you are pitifully missing out. (Unless you detest amazingly delicious food.) And by refreshments, I’m not referring to animal crackers, saltines, and apple juice. That was the fare of my college campus blood drive. After you have given your pint at our church, you will be directed to tables of food. In the past, I’ve had hearty soups, meatball and pulled pork sandwiches, thick brownies, and fresh fruit. I almost feel guilty for being treated to such a spread when all I’ve done was answer about 100 questions and then lay down for 10 minutes. That’s not asking for much when the “reward” feels like a meal from a fancy cafe. It is so worth the trip.

I hope I have convinced you of signing up for the blood drive. The sooner you sign up, the better chance of getting a time slot that fits your schedule. Think of it as fulfilling your duty as a human being, whose life is the blood that flows all throughout your body as part of God’s impeccable design. Give and then receive (your soup and sandwich). It is truly a win-win.