The Senior High Beach Weekend Retreat

A Reflection by Julianna Viss

That was a good weekend! It was my first weekend as a Sr. High youth leader and I was very nervous about the teens accepting me since in high school I was so UN-popular lol. Of course, it wasn’t about being popular this time. It was about the teens accepting me into their world and letting me be a friend, a mentor, and a helper.

To my amazement these kids, some of which are yours, were so incredibly open! I was immediately impressed with their maturity and their love for others! They welcomed me into their lives and they seemed super excited that I was there!

We had a lot of fun playing games, eating food, and socializing. But most importantly, we had some really great conversations! We got to know each other and have some deep discussions. I was allowed to peek into a few of the girls’ lives and understand what they are struggling with. I think it’s a beautiful thing that these kids are so willing to be open with you as soon as they know that they can trust you and that you care about them! I am so excited for this year and so excited to get to know these kids even better! I am thankful for having this opportunity 🙂