"He Never Lets Us Go"

A Testimony by Beth Anne Lesshafft, Children’s Ministry Assistant Director

I grew up with two loving Christian parents. I made a profession of faith at the young age of 7 and spent most of my elementary and middle school years in Christian school. I loved the Lord, loved my family, loved my school, loved my friends, and just loved life.

When I was entering high school, my parents transferred me back to the public school. This was a very rough transition for me, and for the first time my faith in Christ was rocked. At this time in my life I felt that being a Christian made me an outsider and going to church became an obligation. I wasn’t just running from God, I was sprinting.

The summer after my sophomore year, I went to a Young Life camp on Saranac Lake, NY. I wanted nothing to do with this “Christian” camp, but there were some cute boys going, so my best friend and I jumped on the trip. The one thing I remember clearly about that week at camp was thinking, “Wow, these people (my leaders, the speaker and the students serving) are so incredibly full of life, love, adventure and laughter – they were full of Christ.” God used all of those people and camp in profound ways that week. Towards the end of the week we were given 20 minutes of complete silence to sit alone and process the Gospel message. During those 20 minutes I heard God speak to me clearly saying, “I have more for you than this life you are pursuing. I have great things in store for you and I will use you for my glory.” I was overwhelmed and convicted, but I knew my Father wasn’t letting me go; He was pulling me back to himself.

I wish I could say that I spent the rest of my high school days serving the Lord and telling all my friends of His goodness. What I can say with confidence is that whenever I found myself drifting towards the brokenness of this world, I felt Christ’s strong hold on my heart – He never let me go during those challenging years and He has never let me go since.