Was It a Night Like This?

By Debbie Shope

Were the stars boasting the brilliance of their Creator
When the world opened its eyes to the Light of the World
In a small rustic corner, unseen by most
Even from the eyes of those who would later seek to extinguish him?

Did the breeze blow softly across the way
Whispering words of anticipation in subtle sounds
Like a newborn’s cry, unheard by most
And yet speaking into the darkness and sorrow of an entire world?

Did the darkening night stand still and silent,
Bowing humbly around the earth,
Pausing in anticipation, unable to breathe
As unspeakable Light burst into the brokenness of existence?

As the snow falls on a gentle breeze,
While the stillness of glory echoes in the sky,
And stars glimmer against the dark depths of a world unknown,
I look up and wonder . . .
Was it a night like this?