Trunk or Treat

By Lauren Standen

On Sunday, October 30th, our family attended New Life’s annual community event, Trunk or Treat. We have been attending this since its first year, when my husband took our toddler and it was held inside due to rain. That toddler is now eight and ran around like she owned the place. It was a perfect afternoon and the numbers must have been the highest the church has had for the event. The threat of rain did not keep people away. We decorated our trunk and set up our candy bowl, which quickly ran out and had to be refilled by church staff members. I guess our measly three bags weren’t going to cut it this year. The parking lot was packed with decorated trunks of all themes, from Noah’s Ark post-flood, to a big frog mouth with its tongue sticking out to “it’s raining cats and dogs,” sports, trains, Harry Potter (I’m partial to this one…ours). You name it, someone had made a trunk for it.

This year, my daughter has been dealing with some anxiety and fears around some of the scary things she has heard at school. She has been introduced to the grim reaper and other scary topics thanks to the time she spends on the bus and waiting for her bus at school. Needless to say, this Halloween has been a particularly fearful time for her. She doesn’t want to see any scary images or costumes that might stay in her mind at bedtime, which is the hardest time of day for her. Having this opportunity to have fun with Halloween, enjoy spending time with her friends, and just enjoy the fun that Halloween brings without the threat of being scared is a real blessing. She was able to totally relax and enjoy herself. This is not only at an event like this, but she is able to just be herself at church and for that I am so thankful. It is my prayer that all of my children grow up in the church feeling comfortable to relax, enjoy themselves, ask questions and seek God with their friends.

Trunk or Treat this year was a huge success. The turnout was amazing with lots of people getting a chance to come inside and see what New Life is about, but just as importantly, to mingle and have fun with the people who worship and serve God together every week. I am thankful to all of the hard workers who put a huge amount of preparation, energy and hard work into making the event so memorable for everyone who came and enjoyed it.

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