My Testimony

Elise is a member of New Life’s Youth Group

My name is Elise and I have grown up and been raised in the church. My entire education has been through private Christian schools and I have been blessed with a family that loves the Lord. Therefore, I became saved at the early age of 6 after watching the Jesus movie. I realized my sinfulness and what Jesus did for me so my sins could be forgiven.

It wasn’t until November of 2014 that things changed in my heart. My mother, two sisters and I were at a women’s conference and what I learned flipped my faith around. My thinking was no longer “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so”. Now it had been transformed into “Jesus loves me because I can see it and feel Him in my life and others and THAT’S how I know He loves me”.

That weekend also changed my devotional life. I began reading my Bible with any time I had. Something that helped me draw close to Him was writing after my devotions. I would get out my journal and write down my prayers. Praying before happened, but was difficult because my mind would wander, and writing helped me stay focused and be able to transfer my thoughts. It also allows me to record my requests and I am able to look back and see how God has answered my prayers.

New Life Dresher has made a difference in my walk with the Lord as well. This past spring I was baptized to profess my faith. I also am thankful for the outreach opportunities available at New Life that allow me to serve and share my faith with others. I am inspired by the staff and student leaders who devote their time every week to encourage us and pour the love of Jesus on the students. I constantly see how selfless they are and know it comes from Jesus in their hearts. With them and my parents beside me I feel supported in my walk of faith. As I see others pour out the love of Jesus in their lives, it has made me want to do the same. Thanks for reading! God bless.