JH Winter Retreat 2015

By Jacob Lee

Our mission, longing, prayer, and hope as a youth ministry is to encounter Jesus. He is the fountainhead of peace, the source of truth, and the promise of life. So what better way to spend the weekend than to be with him? That’s what our retreat was all about. Whether it was through the teaching of his word, wrestling with application in small group, the sporadic snowball fight, or playing in the gym, we encountered the grace of our Savior.

How many youths in the world have the opportunity to set aside an entire weekend to be taught in God’s word? To be well fed? To fellowship with one another through crazy games, pranks, intimate conversations, laughs, and a bonfire? Not many. Are we just more deserving? Of course not. We are simply the recipients of God’s extravagant grace.

As a church, as parents, and as leaders, let us we pray for our students to experience that grace and to know Christ. I believe some of them already do. I also believe others are wrestling with the faith. So praise the Lord for these valuable opportunities where he ministers to our students, expresses his love for them, and calls them to faith by his Spirit.