A Prayer Testimony

By Annie Notary, our new Women’s Ministry Coordinator

Part of Ron’s recent sermon on prayer (January 4 sermon) has really stuck with me. He said that the reason we don’t pray is because we think we can do life on our own and we think we don’t really need Him. I tend to rely on myself far too often and the Lord has been showing me how ineffective that really is. God recently gave me the privilege of not being able to rely on myself and then seeing Him provide.

In mid-January I was slated to teach for our Women’s Bible Study. For me it is no small task to find time to read commentaries, think deeply about a passage and then write a talk that is cohesive. The writing part is especially hard as writing comes slowly for me. (There is a reason I was a science major in college.) I had blocked off a week when my husband would be off work at the end of December to really dig in and finish reading and start writing the talk. Then my husband got pneumonia. He was the sickest I have ever seen him for two weeks. Instead of having extra time to think and write, I was now caring for three kids single-handedly and caring for a sick husband too — all at the crunch time for preparing for my talk.

I had to reach out for help because my circumstances were so intense. God really provided in big ways. The Lord prompted people to pray with and for me. Lots of women reached out and offered meals and childcare. And the Lord allowed me to write much more quickly than I usually do. I can’t say it’s the best talk I’ve ever given, but I can say God is the one who did the work. There really was no way I could have done it in my own strength.

In similar ways God has also made it clear to me that I can’t do my job as Women’s Ministry Coordinator without relying on Him. Attending the Praying Life Seminar was a helpful reminder to spend time praying about this ministry of our church and not just try to make things happen. Would you join me in praying for the women of our church? I am looking for a group of people to pray weekly for me in this role and this ministry. Let me know if you would like to commit to this.