Why I Teach Summer Sunday School

By Bethany Serridge

Each year when April and May come around, I hem and haw internally about whether I should sign up to teach summer Sunday School.  After all, the school year is super busy, and by May, I feel ready for a break.  Also, we, like every other family at NLD, travel quite a bit in the summer.  Finally, what do I really know about working with 2nd- and 3rd-graders anyway?  (Not much, but it turns out they are super flexible.)

Each year I always end up so glad that I have made the decision to teach.  Here’s why.

  • The children are wonderful.
  • The time I spend preparing the Sunday School lesson is great for my own spiritual growth and maturity.  I am sure I get much more out of the lesson than the children do.
  • It’s a great way to meet other families at NLD, especially families I might not otherwise rub shoulders with. (i.e. Tom and I are in the “families with teenagers” group, while these folks are “families with young elementary children.”)
  • Did I mention that the children are wonderful?