Welcome to New Life Notes

By Joshua Earman

THIS IS the inaugural post for New Life Notes, which is a blog for stories, updates, and pastoral reflections for New Life Presbyterian Church.

The Internet doubles in size every 72 hours. So it is important to know why we are adding more content to the ever-expanding global library. New Life Notes is not going to recommend articles to read or videos of cats following lights around a living room. Those sites already exist. What New Life Notes is aiming for is to keep those attending New Life informed about the many exciting events taking place through our church.

Picture a dinner table. Sitting in the chairs are friends whom you have not spoken to for several weeks. Each person takes a turn pulling the curtains back and allowing the others present to look through the window of his or her life. One friend shares a story about a new position at work which had brought new challenges but is a better fit. Another friend thanks you for helping with a house project they couldn’t do alone and the difference it has made for their family. These conversations keep your friendship going as you learn what is happening in each other’s lives.

Our hope for this blog is that it will remind us we are part of a church body, friends bonded in Christ, and that it will help us to celebrate together what God is doing in our midst through stories and testimonies. Every Tuesday and Thursday, a new post will go up. You will see links to these posts in the weekly church email, as well as on the church Facebook page.

Happy Reading!