The Christmas Story

Written and submitted by Michele Johnson
Merry Christmas and God Bless Us Everyone!

T’was a cold winter’s night
In a far-away land
When two weary travelers
Arrived, just as God planned.

The little town was all full,
Not one room could be found
So they went to a stable,
And with the animals, they lay down.

The cattle were lowing,
Softly snoring was the man
The gentle donkey was restless
When Mary’s labor began…

But out in the fields
On that cold starry night
Were shepherds abiding
When they got a big fright.

As they sat by their fires
Keeping watch o’er their flock
An angel appeared
And gave them quite a shock.

The angel spoke words of comfort
He spoke words of joy
He told them in Bethlehem
Was a new baby boy.

This baby was their Savior
This baby was their King
This baby was so special,
That all the world would sing!

Then all of a sudden,
In the blink of an eye
A whole host of angels
Filled the entire night sky!

They sang “Glory to God”
And “Good will to all men”
They sang “Peace on Earth”
Then their song came to an end.

The shepherds were quaking
Their hearts filled with fear
But then, filled with wonder
At the news they did hear.

And once again, the night sky
Was all silent, and cold
And the shepherds, they pondered
The news they’d been told.

Though the night had gone silent,
And the air became stilled
In their hearts came an urging,
A demand to be filled.

In the sky shone a star
That was brighter than most
It recalled to their minds
The words of the (heavenly) host.

“To Bethlehem” they shouted,
“To Bethlehem” they cheered
They were filled with excitement
That the star had appeared!

The star led them o’er the fields
And into the town,
Through dark narrow streets
To where the babe could be found.

It shone over the stable
A bright Beacon of Hope
For those who dared believe
God’s plan for sin could cope.

They entered the stable
With caution and care
Wondering why of all places
God’s King would be here.

But, it was here they found the baby
In this humble lowly place
Amidst animals and mangers
Held soft in Mary’s embrace.

To their knees, they fell and worshiped
The sweet Babe in Mary’s arms
And their hearts were filled with warmth
As their courage grew strong.

Only then, did they notice
Joseph, Did they read his puzzled face
And Joseph quietly asked,
“How came you to this place?”

In one voice they replied,
“The star, the star, which is
Shining so bright”
Had lead them to the stable
When the angels took flight.

So, the shepherds told their tale of wonder
Their faces shining with delight,
Of how God’s special message
Was told to them that night.

Then, they took one last look at Jesus
As they readied to depart,
And they nodded once at Joseph
But Mary, treasured these things in her heart.

Then Joseph took Mary
In his warm, strong, embrace
With Jesus nestled between them,
They kissed their Savior’s face.

To the sounds of cattle lowing
The Holy Family drifted off to sleep
Knowing they could sleep quite safely
In God’s care and gentle keep.

Years later this Jesus
Would die on a cross,
So that none of God’s children
Would ever be lost.

This Wonderful Counselor
The Prince of Peace
God’s Perfect Son
Has assured our release.

From sin and from bondage
From grief and despair
To bring us to heaven
And live with Him there.