Out for Blood (Donating!)

By Chrissy Kind

Many of you may know that our next Red Cross Blood Drive is this Friday, November 7, from 1:30 pm-6:30 pm. Of course, I’m hoping that anyone reading this will donate. There’s a link at the bottom to make it even easier. So why is this “blood” thing such a passion of mine?

During the Second World War, my father’s brother served in the Army and was shot and severely wounded in France. A Red Cross blood transfusion saved his life. He spent the next sixty years of his life raising funds for the Red Cross and donating over 150 units of blood to save others’ lives as his had been saved. My uncle’s passion for donating blood was something he eagerly shared with anyone he met. He encouraged all of his nieces and nephews to carry on his legacy of giving…and he also challenged us to top his total of blood donations.

I gave blood for the first time forty years ago and I was hooked. It was easy, it took about an hour, and I was helping to save three lives. Three lives!!! How could I not do this??!! As a Christian, the life-saving gift of Jesus’ blood is so obviously central to my faith. So for me, donating blood is one simple way to express my gratitude for what Jesus did for me.

The facts are very clear. Every few seconds, someone in the Philadelphia area needs blood, and only 5 percent of citizens eligible to donate actually do donate. It takes only about an hour out of a day. As a church, our giving blood is a way to give back to those in need in the Philadelphia area. It’s also a day when our church is open to those in our community who come to donate. What a great way to welcome others into our church and show them our love for Jesus in practical, tangible, life-saving ways.

Please share the joy of giving and come out next Friday and join Deb Leonard and me in making this our best Blood Drive ever. Thanks!