Invitation for Seasonal Poetry

By Ward Shope

Thanksgiving is over and recent tradition
is to call our members with poetic ambition
to write a ballad or sonnet (or ditty),
or some simple verse be it serious or witty
to grace our New Life Notes.

Of age or gender there is no question:
contributions from all is the proposed suggestion.
The only requirement we ask at all
is for the season of Christmas to clearly fall
within your lyrical quotes.

So even a story about serpent’s curse
in the Garden of Eden – and nothing’s worse –
could begin to tell of the Savior’s arrival
because of the need for human survival,
and make your anecdotes.

Or maybe a prophet’s time-warping vision
might ground your words on the Lord’s loving mission
to send His Son as an itinerant preacher,
Who died on the cross for sinful creatures
to give his people hopes.

Or perhaps with wonder you speak of his reign
as the Prince of Peace who comes yet again
to set all things right with justice and love
and marries his bride who comes from above
as on His city He dotes.

Convey the story of angels and sheep
And sleepy shepherds on hills green and steep,
of baby who’s born in misfit manger,
of Herodian threats and imminent danger
as the monarch gloats.

Whatever the verse you decide to write,
the length is no matter – nothing’s too trite.
Send them to Fae at her email address:
fae.hicks at is best,
and publish on New Life Notes.

(Honestly, we would love to have anyone of any age submit any seasonal poem of any kind. Join our seasonal community project.)