How I Grew at the Jr. High Retreat

By Mercer

Junior High Fall Retreats are always enjoyable, and I know many of us leave with a renewed faith. This fall retreat was amazing, yet bittersweet, because it was the eighth graders’ last one. I learned much on this retreat, and I felt closer to the youth group after leaving.

Our speaker, Andrew Colpitts, taught on how we can put our faith in things other than God, and it was really mind-opening.  I realized how I can turn away from God and make idols out of other things, like my own comfort or control. I realized I can worship the creation instead of the Creator, and I became more aware of this throughout the retreat. The teaching was so meaningful and wonderful to hear.  The sessions we had were always amazing, and the things we were taught were applicable to our daily lives. I was able to grow closer to God by noticing the things I unconsciously put faith in, and beginning to push the hope I have in them aside so I can make more space to focus on my loving Father.

We all, as a youth group, grow closer and bond during these retreats, and the activities we do together at Streamside are so much fun.  The teaching sessions, the Mole Run (a giant tube slide), the campfire, the one o’clock dance parties, drinking so much hot chocolate we almost got sick, and all the excitement that goes on at the fall retreat are, as Tim Gorbey would say, “the best time of our lives.”

I know I am going to really miss the time we spend at Streamside next year in high school, as will my fellow eighth-graders. The experiences we have on the retreat are so positive and fun, and the time we all spend learning about our Savior is very beneficial.  The weekend we spend at Streamside is one of the highlights of the year for me. I love everything we do and everything we learn.

I encourage everyone in junior high to come to the retreats. Your faith will get stronger, your friendships will develop, and you will enjoy yourself immensely. My last retreat at Streamside was so great, and I loved all we did. Thank you to everyone who made it so memorable.