Easton Youth Ministry Reflections

By David – a student

Easton is a heartwarming place that I will never forget. I had a wonderful week with the kids there, and it shines a light into my world knowing that I actually made an impact on many children’s lives by showing them the love of God: the love that many of those children don’t receive at home.

The fact that the majority of the kids didn’t know Jesus before camp started, and then went home with their minds expanded and their hearts touched by the Holy Spirit; the fact that we as a church have gone into a dark community and have made it brighter; and the fact that the work of the Holy Spirit is being transferred through us and is being established into troubled lives, is an outstanding feeling.

I have no problem going back to Easton to do this because I know that it will not only affect my life, but a child’s as well, in a spiritual and emotional way. Easton wouldn’t be the missions trip it is today without the love and companionship we share with each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.  I love you guys.  See ya at the reunion! Your brother, David