A Christmas Poem

By Debbie Leonard

Long ago God had a plan
To rescue me, and all of man.

He would send Jesus, His only Son
To die for sins, He’d be the one.

An angel came to Mary told
A baby soon your arms will hold.

This baby God’s own Son will be
The answer to man’s depravity.

And Joseph too would watch and keep
The angel told him in his sleep.

The tax was due the two must go
Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem low.

A bed must be found so tired and worn
The baby is coming, it’s time to be born!

But God’s only Son would not find a bed
A manger with hay His cradle instead.

Shepherds watched sheep together all night
But wait, what is that! was said with a fright.

God sent the angels to tell everyone
Jesus the Savior has finally come!!

A Savior who loves us will die in our place
Is born as a baby, go see with great haste

The new baby was found the manger of hay
As shepherds so lowly knelt down to pray.

We too want to bow down and worship God’s Son
Jesus, Messiah, God’s Holy One.