Walk on the Waves

By Melanie Kauffman

We’ve all been there. Life is going well, and then suddenly you’re faced with a challenge that looks and feels like a tidal wave. You didn’t even see it coming and now it’s looming a mile high, threatening to crash overhead. You look to God and ask him “Why have you brought me here? Am I really strong enough to survive this?”

There is a song by the Christian artist Colton Dixon called “Walk On The Waves.” The chorus says “Life’s a boat that won’t stop rocking, don’t be scared when you don’t feel safe. Listen close, He’s calling your name, saying walk on the waves.” I fell instantly in love with the lyrics and the message of this song. When I sat down to write about it, I started to wonder, what do people do when faced with a metaphorical “storm” in their life? How do we as humans react, and how does God call us to behave instead?

Some people stand tall and yell, “I’ve got this! I am strong! I will defeat you!” Determined, they trust in their own strength of will to see them through. On the opposite side of the spectrum, some people choose to back down without a fight. Shoulders slumped, eyes downcast, they wander off and give in to self-pity. Do you see a common factor here? These are both reactions of people who think that they must face their battles alone.

This song is encouraging you to remember that you are not alone. God is beside you! The master of the universe holds your life in his hands. Go where He calls, He will not abandon you. And that leads me to my favorite lines of the song. “I will choose to follow, there is no other way. So lead me to the water, give me faith.” Sometimes it is not strength we need, but faith. Faith to believe that with God, we can weather any storm. With God, we can walk on the waves.