The Greatness of Our God

By Fae Hicks

One morning I was pondering how vast and great our God is. I considered all of His creation….the planets, stars, sun, and moon and the complexity of our bodies. All of it was just spoken into existence by Him. It was too much for me to comprehend and I was overwhelmed to tears by His greatness.

Recently I learned that a team of astronauts was sent on a mission to the Hubble telescope, which is traveling around in space, helping us understand the universe. The mission was to increase the power of Hubble so it could see farther into space than anyone had ever seen before. When the mission was completed, and the telescope turned back on, all eyes were astonished to see that there are billions (possibly more than two trillion) galaxies like our own far out in the endless realm of space. My first thought was, oh, how small my view of God has been. I thought He was magnificent just based on the wonders of earth and this galaxy, in which I am less than a speck.

Man continues to find new and marvelous things about the intricacies of earth and space, as well as the wonders of the human body. Every time science makes a “new” discovery, whether on earth or in space, more of His greatness is revealed and He opens our eyes to a little more of Himself. He not only created it all, He covers it all with his presence.

In this life, we can never fully comprehend the greatness of our God. He goes way beyond our knowledge and understanding. But one thing of which we can be certain is His love and His promises. Of all of His creation, we are favored most…for we are created in His image. His love is revealed to us in that this Almighty God gave His only son, Jesus, to be a sacrifice for you and for me that we could spend eternity living in His presence, bathing in the warmth of His love, and finally, fully knowing the greatness of our God.