Reflections on Granada and Easton Outreach Ministries

By Abby

Our Granada team has been home from Granada for a few weeks now and I miss it more than ever. The strangest transition happened as we went from seeing each member of the team every day and working side by side with them, to not seeing them at all. I’ve been able to stay in contact with a lot of the kids I became close with, which has been a huge blessing. This past week I was with the youth group in Easton, Pennsylvania helping to run a Kids In Motion camp with the church there. The difference between missions was astounding and through that difference I was able to take away that God is working in so many different ways all over the world.

Even with these differences in cultures, the Lord has equipped each and every one of us to share the gospel. In Granada, we were mainly showing love to the kids and planting seeds in the hope that doors might be opened for the Serge team already there. In Easton it was quite different. Most of the kids there in the camp knew the basic fundamentals of Christianity. So a large part of our mission was to help them grow in their knowledge, but more importantly to show them the love they often do not receive in their homes. Even though there was a difference between these two trips, there was one constant: God loves the world even when the world forsakes him (John 15:18-25).