Ward Shope

Church Administrator

I grew up in beautiful Lancaster County, PA, but met my wife, Debbie, in western PA while we worked together as Young Life volunteers in college. After heading in our own directions, we finally tied the knot 11 years later. We now have three adult children: Wes, Jon and Emma. I’ve been a pastor, a missionary, and involved in ministry for over 25 years. Debbie faithfully coordinates the Learning Center at Philmont Christian Academy, and has a masters in counseling. My great loves are Debbie, work, basketball, reading and a daily Sudoku puzzle. I love to teach the Scriptures and preach when there’s opportunity.

As church administrator, I oversee the office support staff, manage anything related to the building, and try to coordinate as much as I can at the church so the ministry can run smoothly. My goal is to serve the ministry staff, the members of the church and to provide positive interaction with the community.

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