Leaping by Faith to London

By Janae Robinson

The Christian life is surely a life marked by paradoxes. From the work of Jesus, we learn that the first are ultimately the last, that the weak actually have great strength, and that the blind are the ones who truly see. Paul writes about the mystery of the Kingdom, proclaiming that in order to truly live, we must experience the crucifixion of Christ. This irony has become reality to me in the last three years. I was brought low, stripped of friendships, confidence, purpose, and image. I lay weeping, wondering when the Lord would again show His face to me. Yet, I heard Christ’s Resurrection-Love call my dry bones back to life. He brought me down low into the grave, that, like Lazarus, He might call me forth out of death.

Even in the midst of my awakening, Jesus called out to me. “London! Evangelism! Summer! Teenagers!” And I said, “Lord? Are you sure? Because sharing the gospel on the street is the horrifying, nightmarish child of my social anxiety. And London is an enormous, unfamiliar place. So I will undoubtedly go into an agoraphobic panic. And in the midst of all THAT, how will I be able to lead a group of teenagers??” But God… God, the One who calls the blind, the mute, the lame, the ones who are knowingly helpless, is my strength and my portion forever.

So my answer, spoken from trembling lips, is “Yes.” I am going to London. From July 11-18, I will be one of 5 adults leading our team of 11 senior high students in a week of prayer, evangelism training, and cultural immersion. As there about 1.25 million South Asians living in London, our focus for the week will be on loving, understanding, and reaching these people who may have never heard the Gospel. Alongside the Serge team based in London, we will be working with other teams from around the world during Serge’s LEAP week. We are all so thrilled for this opportunity, especially as it draws nearer; but also terrified! We need your prayers, your wisdom, and your support. Please pray for our team. With our resounding “Yes!” we have opened ourselves up to a world of spiritual warfare. Pray that we would really walk in the Spirit, being clothed with the full armor of God. Your prayers are indispensable to our ministry.