Home Groups at New Life

By Joshua Earman

Here at New Life, Home Groups are a big way members get to know others and mature in their relationship with Jesus. After Labor Day, many of our Home Groups will began meeting again, and several new home groups are meeting for the first time.

I asked Jesse Harper to share what attending a Home Group has meant for him and his wife Katie. He writes:

Small group has been to us the flesh of the body of Christ. Over the past five years, we’ve been involved in two small groups and the friendships we’ve developed there are sweet to this day. On Sunday morning there are a hundred people to talk to; at small group there are ten. The conversations at small group range from babies to baptism, and in between we have felt cared for, known and loved.

Our youngest son, David, has some developmental delay and needed to spend some time at the hospital. The church, and specifically our small group, has supported us during that time with meals or prayers or “how’s it going?” We have been blessed by our small group.

Our friends in small group are people we can turn to for help or wisdom and know that they will love us. Their examples and insights have encouraged us to go deeper in our relationship with God and to pursue righteousness more. Small group has been a respite in a hectic world, reminding us that God really is still in control and trusting in Him is the best place to be.”

If you are not in a Home Group and would like to visit one you can contact me at joshua.earman@newlifedresher.org for information on group times, location, and getting plugged in.