An Invitation to Write on Christmas Cheer

By Ward Shope

Thanksgiving Day marks the end of November,
But the good news is just starting as we move through December
Toward the birth of our Savior, the king who redeems
And restores all things beyond our wildest dreams
And coaxes us his powerful promises to remember.

While the pandemic rages and threatens to depress us
The Scripture declares God has determined to refresh us
With the gift of his Son, the child Incarnating
The love of God to his people who are waiting
For Relief from the ills within and without us.

So why give in to the spirit of the day!
The angels who appeared still show us the way
To the cradle and the star and the cross which is lifted
On our behalf, that our sin might be sifted
From the image He made on that first sixth day.

So please don’t hesitate or any longer wait
To lift up your pen and praise, and simply state
The reason for the hope that within you exists
Because of Jesus, who in your weakness persists
In stirring your soul which he alone can sate.

We will take poems and writings of different kinds
From adults and teens and more childish minds
Whether comedy, tragedy, even theological truth
Written simply, creatively, or even a spoof
About the joy that one through Jesus finds.

The picture with this blog is an African-crafted Nativity Set sold by Kianga Crafts.