Living for the King



​L​iving for the King is New Life’s foundational discipleship course built on the truths of God’s grace i​n Jesus Christ. As we learn more deeply what it means to be justified by faith and adopted as a child of God, we develop a new identity. Our self-image begins to be defined by God’s view of us, rather than the opinions of others or by our own success or failure.

LFK applies the message of grace to all of our relationships and to every area of daily life. As we understand what Christ has done for us more deeply, his character takes root in our lives. We begin to understand our gifts and calling in light of God’s kingdom purposes. Our responses to challenges and even our own failures changes so that we are no longer crushed by guilt, anxiety and depression. In the end, it helps every individual develop a personal plan for Christian growth and service.

Living for the King is modeled after the “Sonship” material, first written by Jack Miller and now available through Serge.  Much of the course is based on Paul’s writings in the book of Galatians.  Homework and readings provide tools that God uses to change our way of thinking about faith and life.

The 2019 Living for the King course will take place weekly on Monday evenings from January 14 to April 8, from 7-8:45 pm.  Registration to Living for the King is now closed. If you have questions, please contact Jacob Lee at

Winter 2019

Begins Sunday, February 10, 10:00-10:55 am

Adult School of Discipleship


The World Turned Upside-Down: The Gospel and Women in Early Church

Women in the ancient world had severely confined roles within their homes, marriages, and societies. But the gospel of Jesus Christ redefined their value, and as a result, set them free to participate as equals within the body of Christ.   Join us as we look at what was expected of a pagan Roman woman, how the gospel changed her life, and how all of western culture was influenced as Christian values became widespread.

Teachers: Jane Evans and Ward Shope
Location: Auditorium
Class ends March 17


The Story of Joseph-Dysfunction, Despair, Destiny

Joseph’s story is one of the most familiar in the Bible – the favored son with the “coat of many colors”, trafficked as a slave by his brothers, imprisoned on a false charge, yet eventually raised to a position of enormous power and influence. Yet as the subject of countless Sunday School lessons, a long-running Broadway musical, and many sermons on forgiveness, isn’t the story a little stale and dated?

No, it’s not! This God-given narrative is rich in insights into destructive family dynamics, grinding hopelessness, heartfelt forgiveness, and God’s mysterious and unfailing purposes of grace. Above all, it points us powerfully to the descent and exaltation of the true beloved Son and reigning Lord – Jesus.

Teacher: John Fryling
Location: Room 306
Class ends May 19

Young Adults Class


For those who have graduated from high school within the last 6 years, join us for growth in Christ each Sunday morning at 10 am.  Andrew and Shannon Colpitts lead this group.