Fall 2018

Adult School of Discipleship

Starts September 9, 10:00-10:55 am


The Arts Among Us

Many Christians would claim the arts are valuable, but explaining the worth of art in words or determining how we can interact with the arts can be challenging. During this six-week course, we will explore written, visual, and auditory art forms through the lens of Christian professionals.  Each speaker will be addressing these three questions: 1) What do the arts tell us about humanity? 2) What do the arts tell us about our Creator? 3) How do we then live, interacting with the arts?


9/16: Alex Pinguli – Visual Arts (Part I)
9/23: Alex Pinguli – Visual Arts (Part II)
9/30: Charlotte Gleason – Literaure
10/7: Tim Shaw – Music
10/21: Chris Palladino (Cairn University) – Tying it All Together

Location: Auditorium

6 Things I Wish I Knew before I Got Married

Marriage is hard! It involves 2 unique individuals making a lifelong commitment to each other. Both individuals enter this sacred union bringing different personalities, values, ideas, as well as sin and baggage. It is a sobering reality how many marriages end up failing. So where is the hope? The answer of course is the gospel of Jesus Christ! But how does that actually connect to our marital struggles? Join us for 6 weeks as different couples share about what it looks like to follow Jesus in the midst of common marital challenges.

Coordinated by Jacob Lee

Location: Room 102

John: Testimonies and Signs to the Son of God

Why do we believe Jesus is the Son of God and what does that mean to us?  John the Apostle presents us with unique material not found in the other gospels that testify to his authority and power as the Son of God.  And then John asks us, “Do you believe?”  We will be studying the first six chapters of this theologically astute history of Jesus written by his closest disciple. Class ends on December 9.

Teacher: Ward Shope

Location: Room 306

Living for the King


​L​iving for the King is New Life’s foundational discipleship course built on the truths of God’s grace i​n Jesus Christ. As we learn more deeply what it means to be justified by faith and adopted as a child of God, we develop a new identity. Our self-image begins to be defined by God’s view of us, rather than the opinions of others or by our own success or failure.

LFK applies the message of grace to all of our relationships and to every area of daily life. As we understand what Christ has done for us more deeply, his character takes root in our lives. We begin to understand our gifts and calling in light of God’s kingdom purposes. Our responses to challenges and even our own failures changes so that we are no longer crushed by guilt, anxiety and depression. In the end, it helps every individual develop a personal plan for Christian growth and service.

Living for the King is modeled after the “Sonship” material, first written by Jack Miller and now available through Serge.  Much of the course is based on Paul’s writings in the book of Galatians.  Homework and readings provide tools that God uses to change our way of thinking about faith and life.

The 2018 Living for the King course took place weekly on Monday evenings from January 15 to April 9, from 7-8:45 pm.  Please check back here for information about the next course.  Contact the church office (215-641-1100) with any questions.