Adult School of Discipleship


Adult School of Discipleship equips, trains and mobilizes our community for ministry.  Classes are centered on Biblical teaching, provide opportunities for spiritual gifts to be used in ministry, and enable people to reach out to others and welcome them into the church body.  We want participants to grow in their knowledge of God’s gracious work toward humanity, trained to apply the Scriptural teaching to their lives, and encouraged to act as Christ’s servants through a growing love and commitment for God and others in the world.  Our summer series is:

People of Interest: God’s Hand in Every Personality


During the Adult School of Discipleship hour each Sunday, we will explore how God has used various men and women throughout history – with diverse personalities, backgrounds, and temperaments – to accomplish his purposes. The hope of this study is to highlight God’s sovereignty and creativity, but also to affirm diverse personalities as an integral part of God’s plan to build up the church and bring himself glory.


June 11 Ward Shope PaulListen
June 18 Jane Evans LydiaListen
June 25 No Class
July 2 No Class
July 9 Todd Hill Moses
July 16 Maryanne Soper John the BaptistListen
July 23 Andrew Colpitts EstherListen
July 30 Charlotte Gleason SarahListen
August 6 Dave Almack PeterListen
August 13Bob HudsonAbrahamListen
August 20 Tim Shaw Joseph
August 27Ellen DykasMary, Jesus’ mother
DateTeacher Subject Talk

Living for the King


​L​iving for the King is New Life’s foundational discipleship course built on the truths of God’s grace i​n Jesus Christ. As we learn more deeply what it means to be justified by faith and adopted as a child of God, we develop a new identity. Our self-image begins to be defined by God’s view of us, rather than the opinions of others or by our own success or failure.

LFK applies the message of grace to all of our relationships and to every area of daily life. As we understand what Christ has done for us more deeply, his character takes root in our lives. We begin to understand our gifts and calling in light of God’s kingdom purposes. Our responses to challenges and even our own failures changes so that we are no longer crushed by guilt, anxiety and depression. In the end, it helps every individual develop a personal plan for Christian growth and service.

Living for the King is modeled after the “Sonship” material, first written by Jack Miller and now available through Serge.  Much of the course is based on Paul’s writings in the book of Galatians.  Homework and readings provide tools that God uses to change our way of thinking about faith and life.

This 13 week course begins in January and ends in April. Email Jacob Lee in order to register.